"We manufacture machines with sense of responsibility for the future, nature, humanity, a drop of water wasted and a wheat kernel"

The first foundation were laid in 1985, and as of today,at the point the quaility of our company has proved where is not always surplus, to produce best quaility to both domestic and overseas market. Teknik Değirmen implement all phases of unconditional customer satisfaction and aims to support the Project starts and the date for turn-key installation of Flour and Semolina factories successfully, also It’s in a prefessional approach by the industry leading position as well as after salles services. Project workspaces, turn-key installation of flour-semolina factories, assembly, part machine and all necessary equipment, such as performing a wide range of our company, the basic principle of all these work areas are identified as the design and manufacture of high quality. Questioning in Teknik Değirmen’s constant quality understanding, spend the smallest detail for precision quaility control of each product and using all the equipment necessary to ensure maximum level of production quailty.

As a key element of the deal, our company puts the responsibility in all work within human beings and against him, also has been the Pioneer of firsts in as well as projects that carried out.

Under TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and CE standards for carrying out its activities, Teknik Değirmen, with the difference of quailty and Tecnology in this sector, will work within a growing impetus that brought understanding of responsibility after this.


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